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  • apartments in a city

    8 Things To Consider When Apartment Hunting

    Trying to figure out where to live can be a nightmare, especially if it’s your first time striking out on your own. Whether you’re searching for college housing or just making…

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    5 Reasons To Start Collecting Coins

    Are you looking for a hobby, but aren’t sure what to pick up? You should consider coin collecting. It’s something that is worth the investment and will keep you busy for…

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    How To Be A Good Roommate

    Heading off to college can be a big step into adulting. There are lots of things to keep in mind as you are getting ready to move into your freshman housing,…

  • balloon used a funeral service

    Celebrating Life When a Loved One Passes

    Losing a loved one can be a painful thing, even after a painful battle with disease or a wonderfully long life. You tell yourself that they are finally comfortable again, but…

  • DIY repurpose

    6 Ways to Repurpose Junk Around the House

    Coffee tins, old razors, an old wooden pallet; they may all seem like junk that has been just hanging around your home and you’ve been meaning to get rid of but…

  • fun halloween ideas

    5 Fun Ways to Get into the Halloween Spirit

    Its October, the leaves are turning shades of red and brown and the time for costumes and candy is right around the corner as Halloween approaches. It can be hard to…