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  • girl with a smile

    4 ways to improve your smile

    Everyone has their favorite thing about themselves; something they know is their best feature that makes them feel confident about themselves and how they look. Everyone also has the things that…

  • new years resolutions

    5 things to get rid of in 2019

    The great thing about a new year is that it means a new beginning; a time where you can start fresh. It can also be a time to get your priorities…

  • man sitting down

    How to Get Out of A Funk

    So you’re in a funk and you’re not sure how to get out. That feeling of being stuck looks different for everyone, but similar thoughts and feelings will go through your…

  • oral cancer screening

    Keeping Your Mouth Cancer-Free

    Cancer of the mouth is something that thousands of people suffer from every year. In fact, according to the Prevent Cancer Association, over 49,000 people will be diagnosed with oral or…

  • checkbook with debt

    5 ways to deal with and eliminate debt

    In the world we live in debt can seem like a necessary evil; you can’t live with it but you can’t live without it. In fact, according to CNBC, the average…