5 Reasons to Eat Homemade Bread vs Store-Bought

making homemade bread

Everyone loves a delicious loaf of bread. From white, wheat to pumpernickel, nothing is more satisfying than a sandwich made with your favorite kind of homemade bread.

But do you know what kind of ingredients are in even the “healthy” types of bread?

Even the loaves of bread that claim to be 100% whole wheat might not actually be so, and same with other types of bread. There may be some added ingredients that aren’t exactly healthy for you or your family.

So what are your options for the healthiest type of bread? A great solution is taking matters into your own hand, literally, by making your own homemade bread. Although it may seem difficult, once you get the hang of making it there are several benefits of making your own bread at home.

Here are five reasons you should choose to make your own bread versus buying it, and why it is totally worth the hassle:

1.Whole grains

As was mentioned before, most store bought bread have the claim that they are full of whole grains, but one look at the ingredient list would probably tell you otherwise.

One of the benefits of making your bread at home is you can ensure that your bread is actually full of only the best types of grains. You can even have your own wheat storage and grind your own wheat flour. Or get ground flaxseed and oatmeal, both excellent forms of fiber.  

2. Control

When you make something yourself you ensure that you control exactly what is in your bread. That means no added preservatives, sugars, or salts.

Like it was said before, you can even choose what kind of flower you want to use, such as whole wheat flour, rice flour, or any type that is best for you. Your wheat storage, or grain storage, can have raw materials to even grind these flour’s yourself.

You can ensure that your bread is actually full of good fibers and whole grains.

3. Cost-effective

Although there are a lot of loaves of bread that seem pretty cheap, they may be equivalent to fool’s gold when it comes to how healthy they are.

Most of the inexpensive bread is loaded with added preservatives, salts, and sugars which aren’t good for you at all.

Although you may have to invest in a breadmaker to make bread at home, the investment would be way worth the money because the quality of bread you will produce will be far superior to most of the store-bought ones.

When it comes to making bread at home the ends definitely justify the means.

4. Stomach friendly

Many people nowadays suffer from wheat allergies or are gluten intolerant. Some of these types of bread may not be easy to find and when they are found might be on the pricier side.  

Plus there is no way to really know that these bread are 100% allergen friendly and weren’t cross-contaminated.

5. Tasty

Let’s face the facts, food from scratch always tastes better, and bread is no different. The quality of ingredients and the loving touch ensures that your homemade bread will most likely be super delicious.

Also since you are the one making it, you can make any type of bread that you are craving, and for any occasion.  From heartier bread for summer sandwiches to pumpkin bread in the fall, and cinnamon bread for the holidays, the varieties and tastes are truly endless.

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